About Us

Why ‘Ty – Capten?’
Ty Capten (pronounced ‘Tea Capten’) means ‘Captain’s House’ and was the farms name long before my family came here. Who the mysterious Captain was we have yet to discover he could have had family connections¬† with the farm in the village, known as Cwrt Perrott named after the “Perrotts” who came over from Normandy.

My family have been farming the land at Ty Capten for nearly 100 years, in my Grandfather’s day it was very much a mixed farm with cows, horses, sheep, pigs and a few chickens. Now we just keep sheep and some chickens to supply fresh eggs for breakfast.

We diversified into the tourism business and decided to convert the redundant stable and granary into a high quality holiday cottage, which has 3 en suite bedrooms, open plan living, dining  and its own kitchen. We like our guests to feel at home and to have a comfortable stay. We are just across the yard, should you have any questions on your stay in the area.

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